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  • Domaine : Masters du domaine SCIENCES, TECHNOLOGIES, SANTE
  • Diplôme : Master
  • Mention : Biodiversité, écologie et évolution, Microbiologie, Biologie végétale, Génie des procédés et des bio-procédés
  • Parcours : Integrated Watershed Sciences - H2O’Lyon
    Présentation :
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Durée de la formation :
2 semestres
Date de la dernière mise-à-jour : 06/05/2022
    Program Description :
Freshwater has become a highly limited, critical resource and increasing anthropogenic demands (e.g., drinking water, sanitation, hydropower, irrigation, transportation) often create conflicts with water quality- and availability-requirements of natural hydrosystems. Addressing the complexities of freshwater challenges and developing innovative, integrated approaches across disciplines is central to develop sustainable solutions.

This specialisation track is ideal for students with a broad interest in water sciences who want to integrate social, environmental and engineering dimensions. Students will not only expand their knowledge within their own discipline, but also acquire a trans-disciplinary perspective of watershed sciences. This will enable students to fully understand the threats to both natural and anthropogenic hydrosystems and develop their skills to create and implement innovative, holistic solutions.

The teaching is developed and conducted by expert researchers of the H2O’Lyon research units and our national and international partners. The Master thesis will be carried out in collaboration with external academic organisations and water stakeholders and managers.  

The IWS specialisation is open to students at the University of Lyon enrolled in Master of Biodiversity Ecology Evolution, Master of Environmental Management, Master of Risk and Environment, Master of Microbiology, Master of Water Sciences, Master of Geomatics, Master of Process and Bioprocess Engineering. To foster cross-disciplinary thinking, two or three students from each Master programme will be selected that will form an IWS-track cohort.
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